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Paying it forward to future generations and growing through generosity.

We've got a match!

We are excited to announce that generous individuals will be matching the next $2,000 given, which will get us to our goal of $10,000! We're so close! Help us complete this campaign, allowing us to pay it forward to future generations of Mt Olive.

We’re so close!


The goal:

Raise $10,000 to fund three projects that will pay it forward to future generations of Mt. Olive:

  1. Improving our church facility by performing plaster work on much-needed areas

  2. Repaying our special funds to help eliminate our debt

  3. Renovating a former office into an infant room

How does this connect to our mission?

Seeking Jesus.

Many people come to a church wondering who Jesus is. We want anyone to feel like they can seek Jesus at Mt. Olive, and feel comfortable doing so.

By renovating an infant room, we can provide a space for young families to go and know that they are valued. In conjunction with our Sunday school program, volunteers will use this room to engage infant to 3-year-olds in songs and stories about Jesus.

Sharing His Love.

We have used our special funds to pay for projects such as the renovation of our Fireside Room and tuckpointing, allowing us to share the love of Jesus in a comfortable and safe environment.

Repaying what we have used will allow us to continue fulfilling our mission of sharing Jesus’ love with others.

Building Community.

The renovation of our Fireside Room has allowed for many Sunday mornings of conversations and food, prayer times, devotions, and much more.

Further, fixing needed areas of our church can make Mt. Olive a place that better welcomes the community, a place people want to come to.

How do I give?

Special giving envelopes are available at our campaign station at church. At any time, you can enclose a gift and put it in the offering plate or drop at the church office.

Click the button below to start paying it forward using our campaign giving site. For those who already have an e-giving profile, you can use those login details to give your additional campaign gifts.

Also, check back for fundraising event details! We’ll be having a number of opportunities to gather, growing in community and generosity as we raise funds for this effort.

Your gifts are much appreciated as you help Mt. Olive grow through your generosity!


“When I first started going to Mt. Olive, we met downstairs for fellowship and it was definitely not as welcoming as the Fireside Room, and I often skipped fellowship all together. Part of the comfort of the Fireside Room is, honestly, the aesthetic appeal. Areas of our church where the plaster is peeling or cracking are distracting and take away from the message we’re trying to send to visitors. Additionally, fixing up our church will offer more space that we can proudly share with our guests and members.”

- Current Mount Olive Member

Thanks to those who participated in our cinnamon roll baking class to support our campaign!