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Current Series: Changing Expectations

God promised a mighty Deliverer. The expectations of what that Deliverer would look like and what that Deliverer would do were completely shifted when God fulfilled his promises.

Week 1: A Righteous Branch // Jeremiah 33:14-16

The Jewish expectation for the Messiah was that he would be a good king, like David. But David was also ruthless when his personal desires overtook him: he was a murderer, a philanderer, and an artful and scheming thief. God, through Jeremiah, promised, “I will make a righteous Branch sprout from David’s line.” The surprising fulfillment was a human “branch” from David’s line, but he was not only good in some aspects of his life, he was perfect in everything! He was Jesus.

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Week 2: A Refiner // Malachi 3:1-4

Some Jews—the Pharisees and teachers of the Law—expected a Messiah who would be pleased with their outward expressions and right acts—their performance. But Jesus called these religious performers “hypocrites” because those actions meant nothing when the inside was still polluted. The Messiah they got was one who would purify them from the inside out.

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Series: Grateful

November 2018

God doesn't need anything from us, and yet he commands our gratefulness. Why? Because it benefits us. In this series, we will be exploring specific reasons why we are grateful for God and how those reasons always display his love for us. 

Small Group Discussion Guides

Week 1: Grateful that God is Our Defender
Week 2: Grateful that God is the Judge
Week 3: Grateful for the Reconciling Priest
Week 4: Grateful for the Son of Man

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Series: Psalms: Israel's Hymnbook

September - October 2018

In this series we explore the emotion, beauty, and thought behind the ancient hymns of the Israelites and how they can still be used in 2018 to express ourselves to Jesus. 

Small Group Discussion Guides

Week 1: Blessed Is the One (Psalm 1)
Week 2: You Are My Hiding Place (Psalm 32)
Week 3: My Soul Thirsts for God (Psalm 42 & 43)
Week 4: Create in Me (Psalm 51)
Week 5: Earnestly I Seek You (Psalm 63)
Week 6: Bow Down in Worship (Psalm 95)
Week 7: I Run in the Path of Your Commands (Psalm 119)
Week 8: You Know Me (Psalm 139)

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Series: Good News

june - august 2018

How can we articulate why we're Christian? In this summer series, we looked at what "evangelism" means and how we can accomplish this "good news" sharing element of being a disciple of Jesus. 

Small Group Discussion Guides

Week 1: Declare the Wonders of God
Week 2: Scared Straight!
Week 3: Front & Center
Week 4: Fix Our Eyes
Week 5: Christ's Love Compels Us - no guide this week
Week 6: Testimony (A Public Faith)
Week 7: Seek Justice
Week 8: Instructions
Week 9: Lights...Action
Week 10: Serving the Twin Cities
Week 11: Living the Good News
Week 12: Faith & Work
Week 13: Go!